2013 Annual Rep Symposium

Seasons 52, King of Prussia PA. USA was the location of the MAFDA Annual Rep Symposium held on April 10th, 2013. Over fifty members and industry professionals gathered for an evening of camaraderie, fine dining, and to participate in the ever popular Rep Symposium series of educational events hosted by the MAFDA.

The evening began with a very insightful and extremely educational presentation offered by Nick Panasain of ND Industries, represented by Murty Associates. Since 1955 ND has been serving the automotive, electronics, aerospace, and appliance industries with proven solutions to many of the most difficult assembly and application industrial concerns. Whether the need is to seal, protect, stabilize, engage, or secure products against vibration – it is likely ND has the proven solution.

Vincent Chiappone of the Richard Manno Company, represented by Lee S Johnson Associates (Partners for Growth), followed with an equally passionate presentation on the benefits of, and the products manufactured by the company. Investment in equipment, man-power, and quality assurance were reflected hallmarks of this growing organization. Richard Manno Company remains committed to being THE number one recognized provider of electronic hardware, sold through distribution companies throughout the country, many of which arelong time MAFDA Members.

Not to be outdone, we were all very excited to hear from the President of Superior Washer Allan Lippolis, represented by Glen Hanson of The Hanson Group. With headquarters in New York, and a facility in South Carolina, Superior remains the leading mid-range manufacturer of washer products in the USA. Their die-set inventory is second to none, as is their investment in raw materials. We also learned that Superior is very proficient and interested in quoting your Military needs along with your other washer and stamping specialty requirements.  Clearly the commitment to customer satisfaction remains mission critical to the continued success of Superior Washer.

Rounding out the evening’s activities was a presentation given by Jackie Ventura for the USA Fastener Group, represented in the MAFDA region by Michael Smith and Associates.  USA Fastener Group is a leading supplier of ASTM specified hardware, Heavy Hex Bolts and Full Threaded Studs to name a few. Don’t however mistake them as a conventional or occasional provider. Their manufacturing capabilities in the structural market remain strong and diverse.  If they don’t have the raw material in stock, they will procure, machine, and ultimately provide finished product meeting drawing specifications. A large inventory, diverse manufacturing, and a friendly staff all lead to a company very worth engaging. Give them a call; you will be glad you did.